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High Desert TLC Services
Gateway Food Pantry, a division of High Desert TLC, is open to serve low-income families, single parents with children, emancipated foster youth, at risk youth and homeless individuals.  We provide staples such as meat, vegtables and canned goods to those in need.
At High Desert TLC, we are committed to providing loving care, attention and support to our clients who are in need.
We provide a variety of services including:
As a component of serving others, we reach out to the homeless population of the High Desert on a monthly basis to provide hot meals, support and encouragement.  We recognize that it is not easy for them to come to us, so we take the food to them.  Volunteers are welcome!
Our program provides assistance with educational and vocational goal setting, life skills development, assessments and mentoring to at risk youth, single parents and the homeless.  We provide on the job training whenever possible.
Transitional housing is available to emancipated foster youth and at-risk youth.  These young people are placed with families who are committed to providing a warm, safe, supportive environment ,while mentoring them in relational skills, education and life functioning.
Having a full network of support is essential for long term success. With this in mind, HDTLC is a key link to additional support services in our community.  Whether it be spiritual, emotional, behavioral or nutritional, help is available.  A helping hand up may be just a phone call away.
Educating the community is vital to bringing hope to those around us who deal with the complex issues of homelessness, as well as the struggles of low-income families and youth.  We attend a variety of local events in order to bring the focus of this growing problem to the attention of our community leaders.
In coordination with DCFS (Department of Children and Family Services), HDTLC meets regularly with at risk foster youth in order to assist in developing a transitional plan that focuses on safe housing, education, employment and social support.  Without this vital component, these young people would be left on their own with very few options.
As a component of our food pantry, we also provide the opportunity for low income individuals to receive clothing supplements.  The High Desert is known for extreme weather shifts, and it is our goal to provide proper clothing to meet basic needs of the individuals we serve.
-Church Services
-New Hearts Counseling
-Youth Mentoring
-Nutrition/Health Consultation
-Drug & Alcohol Support Services (meetings/rehab)

“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in.”

Matthew 25:35 
High Desert Transitional Living Connection